2010 prize Pool
Over $9,000 in Prizes

2011 Over $11,000

2012 Over $17,000

2013 Over $14,000

Grand Championship, Reserve Grand Champion and Third Place receive Trophy's and a Cash Prize.

Each category will award Trophy's and a Cash prize for 1st thru 5th. Medals will be awarded for 6th thru 10th Place

Saturday NEBS Grilling Contest

Sunday New York State BBQ Chapmionship








The BBQ Brethren presents:

The 8th Annual

New York State BBQ Championship
2015 Battle of the BBQ Brethren
Manorville, NY August 1-2, 2015

2015 Team List

Stubborn Bull


Kiss my Ash

Road Hog

Baldys BBQ

pit Micks' Barbecue

Smokin Irish

Get Your Smoke On

Blazin Buttz BBQ

Dawg Pound Smokin' Q

Hometown Cafe



2013 Results


1 Stubborn Bull
2 Jacked Up
3 Pigman And the Sounders
4 blazin buttz
5 Swamp Pit BBQ
6 Gotham City Grillers
7 Grim Reaper Smokers
8 bad ass competition bbq
9 THE meatwave
10 Big Guns BBQ
11 Meat @ Slims
12 Fire N Spice
13 Smokin' Irish
14 beerbque
15 Dirty Dick and Dr BBQ
16 Purple Pork Masters
17 Mornin Wood Long Island
18 Out of The Ashes
19 BlackStrap BBQ
20 Better Days BBQ
21 Fat Guys in a Little Smoke
22 babylon grillbillies
23 Congamond Flying Pig BBQ
24 TailgateJoe.com
25 Savannah jeans BBQ
26 Long Island Pig Congress, BBQ Division
27 I Like Smoke and Lightening
28 2 fat polocks
29 Smokin Fools
30 Rockville Center Smoke Eaters
31 Sempre Fame BBQ
32 ribstrong
33 Buenos DiAZ bbq
34 Cry babies BBQ
35 Shake N bake
36 Smokeopolis
37 TNT Dynamite
38 Cheffie Effie BBQ
39 boss pit babylon
40 Kiss My Brisket
41 S&S Smokers
42 Brooklyn Smoke
43 Divine Swine
44 Bogies Grill Hogs
45 baldys bbq

1 Gotham City Grillers
2 bad ass competition bbq
3 Out of The Ashes
4 Fire N Spice
5 I Like Smoke and Lightening
6 THE meatwave
7 Congamond Flying Pig BBQ
8 Stubborn Bull
9 blazin buttz
10 Savannah jeans BBQ
11 Meat @ Slims
12 Jacked Up
13 Divine Swine
14 babylon grillbillies
15 beerbque
16 Big Guns BBQ
17 Cry babies BBQ
18 TailgateJoe.com
19 Swamp Pit BBQ
20 Grim Reaper Smokers
21 Sempre Fame BBQ
22 2 fat polocks
23 Pigman And the Sounders
24 Long Island Pig Congress, BBQ Division
25 Better Days BBQ
26 S&S Smokers
27 Brooklyn Smoke
28 Shake N bake
29 Smokin Fools
30 Fat Guys in a Little Smoke
31 Mornin Wood Long Island
32 Smokin' Irish
33 Purple Pork Masters
34 baldys bbq
35 Dirty Dick and Dr BBQ
36 TNT Dynamite
37 BlackStrap BBQ
38 ribstrong
39 Cheffie Effie BBQ
40 Buenos DiAZ bbq
41 Rockville Center Smoke Eaters
42 Kiss My Brisket
43 Smokeopolis
44 boss pit babylon
45 Bogies Grill Hogs

1 babylon grillbillies
2 Swamp Pit BBQ
3 Big Guns BBQ
4 Mornin Wood Long Island
5 Stubborn Bull
6 blazin buttz
7 Gotham City Grillers
8 Jacked Up
9 Grim Reaper Smokers
10 boss pit babylon
11 Better Days BBQ
12 beerbque
13 Smokin' Irish
14 Meat @ Slims
15 Fire N Spice
16 Smokeopolis
17 Purple Pork Masters
18 bad ass competition bbq
19 TailgateJoe.com
20 Sempre Fame BBQ
21 Pigman And the Sounders
22 Dirty Dick and Dr BBQ
23 Congamond Flying Pig BBQ
24 Fat Guys in a Little Smoke
25 Out of The Ashes
26 THE meatwave
27 Brooklyn Smoke
28 Rockville Center Smoke Eaters
29 Kiss My Brisket
30 2 fat polocks
31 Smokin Fools
32 Long Island Pig Congress, BBQ Division
33 I Like Smoke and Lightening
34 baldys bbq
35 Buenos DiAZ bbq
36 ribstrong
37 BlackStrap BBQ
38 Cheffie Effie BBQ
39 TNT Dynamite
40 S&S Smokers
41 Bogies Grill Hogs
42 Savannah jeans BBQ
43 Shake N bake
44 Cry babies BBQ
45 Divine Swine

1 Jacked Up
2 Pigman And the Sounders
3 Stubborn Bull
4 Meat @ Slims
5 Smokin' Irish
6 blazin buttz
7 BlackStrap BBQ
8 Buenos DiAZ bbq
9 Congamond Flying Pig BBQ
10 Gotham City Grillers
11 THE meatwave
12 Grim Reaper Smokers
13 TailgateJoe.com
14 Dirty Dick and Dr BBQ
15 Swamp Pit BBQ
16 ribstrong
17 bad ass competition bbq
18 Rockville Center Smoke Eaters
19 Shake N bake
20 Purple Pork Masters
21 Fire N Spice
22 Out of The Ashes
23 Mornin Wood Long Island
24 Fat Guys in a Little Smoke
25 Better Days BBQ
26 I Like Smoke and Lightening
27 Big Guns BBQ
28 beerbque
29 Sempre Fame BBQ
30 Savannah jeans BBQ
31 Kiss My Brisket
32 Bogies Grill Hogs
33 babylon grillbillies
34 boss pit babylon
35 baldys bbq
36 Long Island Pig Congress, BBQ Division
37 TNT Dynamite
38 Cry babies BBQ
39 Brooklyn Smoke
40 Cheffie Effie BBQ
41 Smokin Fools
42 Divine Swine
43 S&S Smokers
44 2 fat polocks
45 Smokeopolis

1 Pigman And the Sounders
2 2 fat polocks
3 Smokeopolis
4 Savannah jeans BBQ
5 Grim Reaper Smokers
6 Swamp Pit BBQ
7 BlackStrap BBQ
8 Dirty Dick and Dr BBQ
9 Long Island Pig Congress, BBQ Division
10 Purple Pork Masters
11 Smokin Fools
12 Jacked Up
13 blazin buttz
14 Stubborn Bull
15 Fat Guys in a Little Smoke
16 beerbque
17 bad ass competition bbq
18 Big Guns BBQ(Boom Boom)
19 THE meatwave
20 Cry babies BBQ
21 Mornin Wood Long Island
22 Rockville Center Smoke Eaters
23 Better Days BBQ
24 Smokin' Irish
25 Gotham City Grillers
26 Fire N Spice
27 Out of The Ashes
28 ribstrong
29 Meat @ Slims
30 TNT Dynamite
31 Cheffie Effie BBQ
32 babylon grillbillies
33 Shake N bake
34 TailgateJoe.com
35 Buenos DiAZ bbq
36 I Like Smoke and Lightening
37 boss pit babylon
38 S&S Smokers
39 Congamond Flying Pig BBQ
40 Sempre Fame BBQ
41 Kiss My Brisket
42 Bogies Grill Hogs
43 Divine Swine
44 Brooklyn Smoke
45 baldys bbq

Open to the Public

$3.00 PP admission/donation to

John Theissen Childrens Foundation

Chineese Auction For The Foundation with great prizes.

(children under 10 free)

BBQ vendors will be onsite for you to try real competition BBQ.

Event hours

Saturday 10AM to 9PM

Live Music with WBAB' s own

Joe Rock and The Allstars (11am-3pm)

BBQ Cooking Demos throughout the day Saturday and Sunday

Saturday - Grilling Contest. Open to all! Entry at the right of this page.

Custom Carshow presented by the Eastern Long Island Cruisers

Grilling begins at 7AM Saturday Morning.

4:30PM Carshow Awards. Grilling Awards at 5pm.

Sunday 10AM to 6PM

New Your State BBQ Championship

Prize Pool dep[endent on entry fees.

100% of entry fees goes to prize pools minus sanctioning cost.

Current Prize Pool

$5000 and climbing

Prize pool climbs

with # teams entering.

2012 prize pool over $12,500.

PLUS Thousands IN PRIZES !


$ Grilling


2013 BBQ Competition

$10,250 cash Payouts

$1800 Grand Champion
$1400 Reserve Grand

$250 Third Place

1ST $500
2ND $375
3RD $250
4TH $175
5TH $125
Trophies to 5th
Medals 6-10

Grilling Competition Payouts

$125 Grand Champion
$100 Reserve Grand

1ST $75
2ND $50
3RD $25

Ultimate Grilling Challenge
$500 Winner Take All

Live music all weeknd by Lisa & The Leftovers

Car Show
Come see Some of Long Islands Hottest Cars! Mustangs, Vettes, Camaros....Real American Muscle!

Everything from roasted corn to true BBQ will be available for purchase at the event. Arrive with an appetite and leave satisfied as you and your family enjoy a wide array of delicious foods.

Calling ALL GRILLERS! Grilling and BBQ contests are open to everyone!! Download your applications and send them in!

SATURDAY 8/3 - NEBS GRILLING CONTEST, Followed by THE ULTIMATE GRILLING CHALLENGE. $50 Entry fee. EVERYONE IS WELCOME! From the backyard Warrior to the seasoned competitor. Come on down and try your skill against one another for a share of the $1000 prize pool, that culminates in a $500 WINNER TAKE ALL SHOOTOUT against our guest celebrity BBQ chef.

Our celebrity chef is ___________________________( Not Tellling)

Grilling Catagories

1 - Appetizer - Open Garnish

2 - Chefs Choice 1 - Open Garnish - Chefs Plating, Tray up to 18x24

3 - Chefs Choice 2 - Open Garnish

4 - Dessert - Open Garnish - Must be cooked on site. Premade crusts ok.

Minimal limitations on catagories will be announced 30 days prior to event and in cooks packet. To qualify for NEBS TOY points, you MUST be a NEBS member.

Grand Champion, Reserve Grand and 1st place winners of Chefs choice advance to shootout. Drilldown in case of ties or duplicate winners in different catagories will be announced in Rule book. NEBS grilling rules apply.

SATURDAY 8/3 - Custom Car Show. Some of Longs Islands Hottest Hot rods come down to show what they got. Trophies to Drivers Choice winners!


A BBQ Brethren/MABA SANCTIONED NEW YORK STATE BBQ CHAMPIONSHIP HOSTED AT THE BEAUTIFUL MAPLES BAR AND GRILL. Open to any and all competitors. You think your BBQ is the best? Hear it from your friends all the time? Come on down and test your mettle. Over minimum $5000 in Prizes. All entry fees(- REP fee) goes to prize pool. The more teams, the bigger the prize pool)






2015 Sponsors Application



2015 Team Application(PDF)

2015 Team Application(DOC)

2015 COOKS PACKET and Contest Rules

Paypal payments have $5 additonal to partially cover Paypal fees so we do not effect prize pool.

Smokin At The Maples


2015 Judges Application (PDF)

2015 Judges Application (DOC)

Information Archive


Car Show Entrants Form

Car Show Entrants can pay online here and

Just mail in Entry form:

Car Entrant - Name
Car year/Make/Model

Vendor Application

Vendors Application

Vendor pricing must be agreed upon in advanced. To apply for space, please contact events@bbq-brethren.net. Once pricing is set, you may pay online via paypal button below, or send check to address listed on entry form.




Kansas City BBQ Society

New England BBQ Society

The BBQ Brethren

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